Welcome to the UCL Union Mountaineering Club.

We are one of the most up and coming societies at UCLU! With our membership growing every year, and our trips becoming more and more exotic and extreme, you don't want to miss out on becoming a member!
We climb indoors primarily on Wednesdays and Fridays at an indoor climbing centre, but you will surely find someone from the club hanging around every day. We also have multiple outdoor trips throughout the year, from winter mountaineering in the Cairngorms, to braving the British weather in Portland, soaking up the sun in Spain, and deep water soloing in Mallorca, there really is something for everyone!
We are also one of the friendliest societies at UCL! We have regular socials, club meals and nights at the union, as well as fancy dress themed nights and end of term parties! It's a great place to make friends and meet fun and relaxed people.

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